Ibiza: a beautiful destination
full of hidden treasures.

Explore the picturesque villages inland, enjoy the tranquility of secluded beaches and sample delicious local cuisine in authentic eateries. Be surprised by the charm of Ibiza!

In these blogs Selma shares with you some beautiful places, but most of all you can get plenty of inspiration for this wonderful destination, workations & more!

Vacations in Ibiza: 8x Hidden Spots and travel tips

People often think of Ibiza as a party island and that is partly true. You can indeed party fantastically here but Ibiza also has a whole other side. It is a lovely Spanish island with…

Ibiza with kids: Fine hotels and beaches
Work & Travel: 8x cool workation spots

If you can work online, then this is something to consider. During a workation, you can tick off your deadlines in a few hours in the morning and then go out and enjoy yourself. You work in an inspiring environment….

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