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Find inner peace

Feel internally aligned

“A Pura Vida Retreat is a treat for the soul”

Pura Vida stands for pure life. The concept of Pura Vida means that you may enjoy, get everything out of life, that something is beautiful or “full of life.”

Make the journey inward

During our retreats you will find the space to fully relax and reconnect with yourself. With special yoga classes, workshops and coaching sessions we guide you on your inner journey. Our retreats are all about relaxation, growth, happiness, manifesting, self-love and spirituality.

Find peace and lightness

Inner peace is the feeling of calm within yourself and complete self-acceptance and being content with what is now.
After a retreat with us, you will be comfortable in your skin again, you will radiate peace and live completely from your core again.

Indulge your inner self

Using fresh and healthy local products, our chef prepares vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner every day during the retreats. Every day you may enjoy flavorful, colorful and surprising dishes that will give your inner self a true taste sensation.

Pura Vida Retreat: 16-20 sept ‘2024

We stay during our 5-day retreat in Villa Can Vich, surrounded by the beautiful nature of Ibiza, the ideal location to completely unwind and recharge. During this week, relaxing during Yoga classes, experiencing inner growth during coaching sessions, receiving insights during a Fullmoon Ceremony and Mindfull walking through beautiful nature are on top of our list.

We especially chose this week because it is the full moon, the magical moment of letting go and receiving. Discovering where your strength lies and what you are allowed to grow in, that is the focus of our Retreat. Feel free again to really do what you want. Besides that you can really relax and enjoy delicious vegan food that will be freshly prepared by our Spanish cook every day. Besides the extensive program there is plenty of free time to relax by the pool or explore the island and in the evenings surprising and special sessions will be offered.

“Nothing is more beautiful than being allowed to empower others to take people to the next level.”


“During our week in Ibiza, I will be present and ready for you every day.”


“This retreat is truly a gift to myself. From chaos in my head and body, back to inner peace. I can’t wait!”

“Due to a need for time and attention for myself, I immediately signed up with Selma when I saw this retreat coming along. Without a doubt I felt: this is something I must attend!”

“I want to experience this entire retreat with every fiber in my body. I have every confidence in Annika that this is going to be a week to remember!”

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