About Annika

Since 1999, I have been walking the spiritual path, delving into various spiritual traditions and philosophies. Thanks to my studies and training, I have guided many people in areas like Germanic medicine, healing, and mindset coaching. Therefore, I feel a deep inner calling to expand my passion for inspiration and empowerment by organizing transformative workshops and enriching retreats. While living in Spain, America, and Costa Rica, and during my adventurous travels, I encountered inspiring coaches and spiritual leaders, from whom I gained valuable lessons and insights.

Thanks to my own extensive experiences with childhood traumas, challenges, and illnesses, I can empathize with and support people even better. With all the training, courses, and personal growth I have undergone and continue to pursue, I am determined to inspire others and share all my knowledge and insights with love. There’s nothing more beautiful than empowering others to reach a higher level.

I am greatly looking forward to these inspiring retreats with you all!

With love,
About Selma

I am Selma, passionate about yoga, traveling, and exploring the world. Since I was 18, I have been working in the tourism/travel industry. Currently, I have been flying around the world as a flight attendant for over 11 years and also work at a holiday park in Bloemendaal aan Zee in the Netherlands.

About 10 years ago, I started with yoga and surf lessons. These have become integral parts of my life; yoga, water sports, and being outdoors. After years of experience in the travel industry and working with children, I founded my own company: Sel Children’s Coaching. I offer children’s yoga classes where fun and creativity are paramount, and I organize Family Retreats in Spain.

After completing my training as a Retreat facilitator in Ibiza and attending several retreats as a participant, I now have a good understanding of what is important and where the needs lie. During our week in Ibiza, I am available every day for you.

Together we will make it an unforgettable week!

Hasta luego!

With love,

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