“I’ve known Annika for many years as an incredibly approachable and warm-hearted woman who is always working on her personal development. She has helped me multiple times with injuries and other psychological or physical issues. She understood me very well and, with her insight, resolved blockages I wasn’t even aware of. She showed me what my ingrained habits were and gave me tasks to break those habits and thus change myself. It was very enlightening. Annika is not afraid to say exactly what she sees and feels in someone. She will be clear without hurting anyone. I feel very safe with her. She is authentic and genuine.“

Nicole van Leeuwen, Holland

“I had the pleasure of participating in one of Annika’s ceremonies. Not only did I feel the amazing positive energy and vibes, but also peace and relief by the end of the ceremony. Annika’s powerful energy is authentic and unique. Definitely recommended!”

Lisa Rubio, Colombia

“Annika has the ability to get to the heart of the matter by asking the right questions and can unravel and deprogram certain patterns that have always been a blind spot for you. There are coaches who practice what they have learned from books. Annika has the gift of working from the heart and knows how to articulate what you feel but cannot explain. For her, there are no taboos. She doesn’t judge and feels what you need. She offers insightful perspectives and does so at the right moments with the right amount of humor. This helps you to put things into perspective and to look at the situation from another angle. With Annika’s help, I’ve been able to let go of certain beliefs and have largely gained control over my chronic hyperventilation. Something I never thought possible. I won’t say it’s always easy, but she knows very well what she’s doing, and I can confidently say that her coaching approach has been life-changing for me.”

Henrieke Doornekamp, Holland

“The full moon ceremony with Annika was magical and beautiful! The rituals she created during the ceremony to honor ourselves and our desires were powerful and lasting. They helped me clarify what I wanted to create in my life. The beauty of the full moon and Annika’s loving guidance made the ceremony so special that I now feel it’s important to do every month. A wonderful reset for our lives manifested under the full moon. Highly recommended!”

Ciara Romson, USA

“Annika’s pure light shines and glows bright. She has a special ability to hold sacred space and love for all who come into the circle. The first time I came to her ceremony she greeted me warmly and made me feel so welcome and safe. That in turn allowed me to be vulnerable and go deeper within. Annika is a natural healer.”

Jennifer Gale, USA

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